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Customized Printing & Embroidery Services

Printed t-shirt is one of the most effective promotional strategy today.

At Best Selection Sport, we specialized in providing printing and embroidering services on T-shirt, caps, uniforms and other apparel products. We utilises quality materials, standard field skill, time & cost effective printing methods to each stage of production to provide the best desired results for our clients.

The following are our provided services;

• Silk Screen Printing
Silk screen printing is the most popular method for t-shirt printing. It offers speed and cost-effective production, colour brilliance, and durable imprints.

• Heat Transfers
Heat transfers are iron-on images, produced primarily by screen printing and other commercial printing methods. In this process, heat and pressure are applied to a special release paper, facilitating the transfer of ink to the fabric.

• Embroidery
Embroidery is a popular decorating method with a more prominent 'embossing' effects. This method can be combined with screen printing and other printing methods to achieve interesting effects.

• Digital Printing
Direct-to-garment digital printing is a on-demand-printing which is ideal for smaller quantity. This process has the advantage of applying any number of colors required, including full color photography work, but does not require the extensive screen printing set-up process. However, this process will have a longer lead time and a higher printing cost as compared to Silk Screen Printing.

• Customized Items Sourcing
We also provide customized items sourcing services for apparels such as t-shirts and uniforms in order to meet with your very own standout designs.